I'm just one pair of Birkenstocks away from Dadscending and then its over for y'all

Going to my first pre-release event this weekend in over a decade, very excited! Looking forward to cracking none of the cards I'm hoping for and losing all 4 rounds

I've been brewing my next Commander deck for the past couple weeks and I'm finally gonna buy it once this next project wraps up at work

omg my boss is cool with me running a few rounds of the jackbox-style game I've been working on for the past year at our company's global all hands next month!!!!!!

Volunteered to give a talk at my job’s monthly developer Meetup so I’m looking forward to stressing about that for the next two weeks

Gonna ask a co-worker to help with the visual design of my new game, I don’t think people appreciate Comic Sans as much as I do

Pressing pause on Sekiro for a bit, picking up Wandersong and The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa in the mean time

I renewed my domain for this server so I can continue to have the world's lonliest local timeline

Realized for the price of my jokey Mageta deck I could assemble a Locust God deck I'd be able to improve over time so... probably gonna do that when I have some cash to burn

Absolutely in love with this pic of my Pokémon using Super Game Boy Palette 4A I commissioned from twitter.com/e_kubli! They completely blew it out of the *snorts* water

Another week another Commander that I wanna build up a deck for

Might fuck around and become inspired to work on my own creative works again

Very excited for my copy of the Lancer RPG book, I've been reading the beta for the past couple days and I really wanna play!!!! kickstarter.com/projects/massi

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