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byron hulcher

Glitch re-ignited my passion for building when it launched. I started out making bots and in the past year started working on games again. Getting recognized by them for the second game I've built on their platform is an absolute honor, there's no other way to put it.

I've really struggled with my identity and relationship with game development after graduating with a game dev degree almost a decade ago and immediately going to work in traditional web dev. I was embarrassed, I felt like I'd given up on the dream I had since I was a kid to make games. I've struggled with motivation not to build games but any projects outside of work.

I had my latest game "Chess but harder" ( featured on the homepage today and its the most recognition I've ever had for one of my games


They even got an artist to make art for it. No one's ever made art for something I've done ever. I'm so emotional right now y'all.

Some personal news: I’m spiraling

I didn’t work on any take home coding projects for my interviews tonight and... that’s okay

Or... I could use one of these asset packs I’ve bought on itch and never used... and what if I added some enemies...

Current plan is "Meerca Chase + Emoji" so I'm looking forward to the reaction to that when I get it up on Glitch 🎏

I have to build a nokia style Snake game for an web dev interview take home test. They probably think this is a fun twist on boring take home projects but I've already spent an hour plotting out all the ways I could go about implementing and designing it and now my tummy hurts

It has been “starting to work on home brew” months since I last played D&D

*slaps roof of new jersey* this bad boy can fit so many toll roads in it

I tried to go to Jollibee for lunch but the line was so long they had split it in half and were handing out numbers

Me every 10 minutes for the past 48 hours

Of course I went to sleep at 1AM and something broke on the site at 1:15 fuck everything

Oh my god that’s what Nate Silver looks like???

sexual assault, problematic band Show more

I still think its bullshit how the US doesn't do sausage sizzles

Absolutely dying over how old the dudes in the “New Punk Tracks” Spotify playlist are

In NYC today there are three ballot initiatives to consider:
1. Lowering the limit on campaign contributions
2. Starting a commission to increase voter participation
3. Term limits for community board members
I'm going to be voting YES for all three of these,